Coffee-Tea Blends

Original Coffee-Tea Blend

Steep. Brew. Blend. Sip. Ah...

Who would have thought that coffee and tea were the PB&J of beverages? (Well, we did.) So we brewed ‘em up, blended ‘em and added some pure cane sugar to boot. The result? The best new beverage since that drink born on a golf course.

  • 16oz

Behind the goodness

This sweet pick-me-up uses the organic black tea leaves and pure cane sugar you already love and adds organic coffee for good measure. Oh, and did we mention that it's USDA Organic, too?

Calories: 50 per serving

Sugar: 12g per serving

Caffeine: 26mg per serving

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“I loveeee the coffee-tea blend. It's a perfect morning treat.”

Stephanie S.

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